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Who we are and our mission

The Background

The desire to tell the authentic Naples, that often forgotten ... The desire to bring this story into the world through the words of those who, together with us, this city can live it feeling part of it. These are the foundations, these are the dreams that we have put in the drawers of our Society, this is the concreteness of our work. Our idea is to tell you a story and not a place ... to tell you an emotion and not a painting. The idea is to put aside the map of the city and to make the city to guide you, to overwhelm you, to enchant you, to embrace you. With us always next door.
We are sure that you will then tell a city that step by step, between a bite of pizza and a breathtaking view, between a work of art and a contagious folklore, you will make space until you occupy a place - in the first row. in your heart.
Welcome to Naples ... for now

The Mission

The Here & There, a Neapolitan company that deals with tourism, carries out its activity mainly in the incoming, receptivity, hospitality and accompaniment of tourists during the period of his stay.
Our ``mission`` is to make the tourist an indigenous, to identify with the Neapolitan culture, to capture the nuances of a thousand-year-old people and make it capable of experiencing the wonders of the city that he decided to visit.

Guide turistiche

Our guides are the secret weapon behind our success.

``Even a thousand-mile journey begins with a step``