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One Vespa and Two Smiles

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Small villages, hamlets, the restaurant, the square, old men who are guardians of the secret of longevity, good oil and local wine, good food, citrus smells, hot wind in the face, smiles, the sea.

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All about the One Vespa and Two Smiles.

EurAsia, Africa, America, Oceania, Antarctica, where do you come from? Never mind, because the matter is not where you come from but where you go. The borders do not exist, when you will be facing the sea of the Amalfi Coast you will feel like citizens of the world because those places belong to you in some way. Take a time, not to look but to see and not hold back the tears admiring so much magnificence because that sea that meets the sky halfway is made of tears of astonishment. Hidden bays, deep gorges, sandy beaches, hills for horse riding and trekking.
Too much? Relax guys, in all the little pastel villages of the coast you can walk among the ancient villages and eat in cozy taverns. Once again I suggest to look around. Old men are the guardians of longevity secret and the whole world talks about it. But please do not call it "Mediterranean Diet": the health ingredients are extra virgin olive oil, good wine and long walks to move in these "cars free" places . Listen, listen: doctors and scientists from all over the world have come together to find out that the eating habits of our old men fight the so-called diseases of well-being : hypertension, arteriosclerosis, diabetes and cardiovascular problems.
So much trouble when it was enough to ask to zio Giuseppe, who lost the count of his years. Castellammare, Vico Equense, Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi: here there are the olive groves and the olives never touch the ground to keep their low acidity level, they are picked and immediately cold-pressed. The wines, all D.O.P., they cultivate the grapes using methods that go back to the ancient Greeks.
They sensed that the lands of these places had been made massively fertile by volcanic eruptions and planted the first vines, they taught their techniques to the ancient inhabitants, who in turn handed them down to the Romans and so, in a timeless line, it arrived to us . A wine that enhances the different grapes without upsetting their tastes and aromas, in this world that runs, here the farmers are committed to preserving intact the typicality and culture of making wine and they say no to the modern industrial enology.
Thousand suns will seem to see from Sorrento to Amalfi, keep, it’s not hallucination…they are lemons: large, very large, small or long. This is the business card of the peninsula. Intense flavor and beneficial properties, are eaten, peeled, boiled, crushed, squeezed. Limoncello, jams, soap, condiments and finally a peel piece in the coffee and you will be invincible. During the slow passage of the days could not miss the famous Italian crafts: ceramics, tailors and artisanal sandals shops. Tips? bring an extra suitcase to fill.

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  • Exclusive and private guided tour, (1 to 12 people);
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  • Private pickup service is included in the basic package for those who complete the entire day’s journey;
  • Information service h24 starting from the booking confirmation;
  •  Support service throughout the journey;
  •  Accessible routes throughout the tour and for all sites, excluding some that will be reported at the time of booking.
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  • All kind of foods and drinks;
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