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Tour Pompei e Vesuvio

Tour Pompeii to Vesuvius – Small Group

In these places you have to enter with devotion, they are an open-air museum, they are a museum without really being it. One day nature decided so … that day in 79 AD an immense amount of lava covered them forever. He has crystallized them, immortalized in an eternal sleep … The view from there […]

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Arte e Mestieri Di Napoli

Tour Art and Handicraft in Naples

‘O Vic’ the alley, is not a simple narrow street closed among building with few light. ‘O Vic’, in Naples, identifies passion, friendship, history, life. It’s an open air museum where the first sensation is the amazement and then you will abandon yourself to other emotions, deeper and more addictive ones. The street is the art […]

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Street Food Napoletano

Tour of the discovery of neapolitan street food

Three, two, one, away, we leave for a guided tour with a different flavor, and it is not a way of saying. The Neapolitan culture and tradition are indisputably rooted in food, even in what we now call Street food, a practical and fast practice, but only for those who eat; Who prepares must be […]

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Castel dell Ovo Napoli

Tour From Castel Dell’Ovo to Plebiscite’s Square and Napoli Sotterranea

Naples: a millenary tale. Tour From Castel Dell’Ovo to Plebiscite’s Square and Napoli Sotterranea Naples is a city with a thousand faces and at the same time a unique face that mixes so many somatic features. These features come out of the great civilizations that have dominated the city and, with love have created a […]

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