Ardent Fields

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The phenomenon of bradysism has allowed to enjoy, today, beauties that are unique in the world. Tales of mythology have this earth as a background. The Romans built us a rich city and structures that, to date, are primates … unique in history. Pozzuoli, Baia, Bacoli … the area is “ardent” in history.

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Descrizione del percorso Ardent Fields.

There are four elements: Fire, Earth, Water, Air. They are roots and essence of all things, immutable and eternal. Their union determines birth and death, but it is only appearance because nothing is created and nothing is destroyed, everything is in continuous transformation and the cyclic process is eternal. There is a place in Naples where, believe it or not, you can touch this eternity with your hand. Campi Flegrei is a the only territory in the world where myth and history coexist, merging and confusing. Here we find no traces of the past, here we find the Past. The Great Park of the Campi Flegrei is an active and constantly evolving volcanic area, subject to bradyseism. The park covers 8000 hectares but, do not worry, entering you will not have to follow any path, it will be the call of our past to guide us because it is from here that everything begins. It was when a small group of Greek adventurers founded a new city in this land, Cuma, first colony of Magna Grecia. And it’s here that you can find the places sung by Virgilo the great poet. We will enter a cave dug into the tufa to reconnect to the past: this is the cave of the Sibyl, Apollo’s priestess. During our walk in the park we will realize that something terrible is going to happen, from a verdant typical Mediterranean flora with promontories and enchanting inlets you go to a landscape where a disturbing atmosphere reigns, the land is tormented by fire, fumaroles that they give off sulphurous gas, sources of carbon dioxide and thermo-mineral waters, jets of hot yellowish mud, stoves that are real natural saunas. we are at Solfatara, the most active volcanic area. We will then arrive in Pozzuoli, Puteoli as the Romans called it to visit the Macellum, the ancient market and the Flavio Amphitheater, the third largest in the world. And when you think you’ve seen all of Nature, wait a while to surprise you. Trust us, the words archeology and submerged have never been so fascinating: the submerged Bay Park where we can visit the remains of the Portus Julius and the Mirabilis Pool, the Archaeological Park of Pausilypon with the Grotta di Seiano  which permits to visit the submerged Park of Gaiola, unique examples in the Mediterranean Sea of archaeological and naturalistic underwater protected area. Remains of ports, mosaics, traces of frescoes, nymphaeums, sculptures, road tracks, columns…where? Submerged, 5 meters under the sea. Guided tours with underwater viewing boats, snorkeling and diving routes will make you cancel your return flight.

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