It is not true but I believe it

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“It’s not true but I believe it” … it’s a bit like saying – I do not believe in bad luck but if I can avoid going under the stairs it’s better. It ‘a bit like that for everything, we are gullible – I do not think-. We are simply strongly linked to a culture and a tradition that has handed down this. The munaciello and the bella’mbriana … the stories of Neapolitan villas and women who still roam in those places … the salt that does not give but lends itself … bread that never goes upside down at the table. Believe strongly in the cult of the dead. There is an Esoteric Naples full of charm that deserves to be told.

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Descrizione del percorso It is not true but I believe it.

The famous Neapolitan comedy "It’s not true but I believe it" by the great Peppino De Filippo wants to be the emblem of this tour that will guide you in the fascinating world of Neapolitan superstition, a world created by popular culture and not by ignorance, as many would like make believe. The alleys of the old town are animated by dozens of amulets sellers, but few know how to make the curniciello to be really effective and you will smile discovering the origins of his "power”.
The good manners in Naples are obligatory and it would be improper not to introduce you ‘o munaciello and’ bella ‘mbriana, who for centuries roam among the palaces and houses of the city, along with numerous other esoteric figures that tell about a Naples rich of story and myth that intertwine and in the end it’s really difficult to distinguish the true from fantasy. Yes, that’s the beauty!
Our invitation is to lead you to discover the esoteric and mysterious culture of Naples, strolling through the places of the Old Town and stopping to enter in the heart of this fascinating world. Among them, first of all, the Cathedral and the Treasure of San Gennaro because, as is well known, in Naples, sacred and profane melt. In the Cathedral, three times a year  the much-contested miracle of the blood liquefaction of San Gennaro is expected , he is there with its presentia et potentia  and he is also the richest saint in the world thanks to the donations of princes, popes and common people who, during the centuries, have created a jewelery  treasure of inestimable value.
Yet the blood of San Gennaro is not the only one to dissolve by devotion, his "colleague", St. Patrick also does the miracle in the enchanting Church of San Gregorio Armeno, near the cobbled street of cribs, from where you can approached to enter in the charming silence of the convent cloister.
Esotericism and mystery have involved, over the centuries, literate and blue blood men, first of all the Prince of St Severus, an ambiguous character,  equipped with a controversial curiosity. He has left to the Neapolitan people a jewel of Illuminism ranging from artistic virtuosity to love for science in Masonic key: the Palace and the Chapel of St. Severus. in this place the famous veiled crystal is jealously guarded but it is also possible to admire the myriad of inventions realized by the Prince, such as the primordial anatomical machines … to give you gooseflesh.
The emotions go on with the visit of a unique place in the world, where it is possible to understand how deep the cult of the dead for the Neapolitan people is. The Fontanelle Cemetery is an ancient tuff quarry that became burial place during the great plague epidemics. Recovered in 1800, it has become a place of cult for souls, know as anime pezzentelle, the practice to adopt a skull of the cemetery to be used as a connection between the world of the living and the world of the dead.
Among the tunnels in underground Naples hidden, it’s possible to hear the presence of the munacciello, who seems to be between the galleries of Naples Underground, perhaps he is a deformed child or a man who worked in a well,  who knows?! Cults and cultures alive in the underground streets, in the sunlight and in the Neapolitan houses are still many. Women who roam at night in ancient palaces, never walk under a ladder, bread that never have to stay reverse on the table, salt that you never have to gift, it is not true but we want to believe it.

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