Naples upside…down

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There are some places that will impress … in a positive way, obviously. You wonder how the time for them
has not done its course. It is obvious that they show their age, but when you go down to those
subterranean, when you visit that Naples that is not kissed by the sun, when you walk through the history
of 2,400 years by touching it with your hand … it seems to be catapulted back in time. And it is so beautiful.

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Descrizione del percorso Naples upside…down.

Naples is known to the world as “o Paese do sole”,  the country of Sun, but it hides, under the dense texture of its alleyways, a city that  does not know the sun at all. We are talking about a parallel and underground city, which with its emptying from below has filled and continues to hold the city up.
For sure, Naples is the paradox city! The "upside-down" is also mentioned in our “Smorfia” , a book that explains dreams and for each number attributes meaning. The number for upside down is 69, which can be read speculatively and it symbolizes the double face of Naples that for 2500 years draws the yellow tuft from the underground to build the above.
This guided tour is dedicated to who want to discover the intricate underground world that is hidden just below the city of Naples. It is a world made of tunnels, immense caves, amazing catacombs, cavities known only by expert locals and by supposed or real munacielli, don’t you want to get to know them?
It will be fascinating to discover the millenary history of Naples through underground "layers" that jealously guard the testimonies and traditions of a community that, from Greek times until the Second World War, have been able to build both in the sunlight and in the darkness.
The selection of places and location to visit and lose yourself into this adventure is very wide. Let’s start with the oldest sacred places that the Neapolitan Christian community knows. Both located in the northern part of Naples, the Catacombs of San Gennaro and the Catacombs of San Gaudioso are masterpieces of early Christian architecture that lead in the parallel world of the souls of the deceased and the Saints, always present in Neapolitan daily life and tradition. You can decide to visit also  the fascinating Fontanelle Cemetery, a unique place in the world, where every capuzzella, a skull, has a story to tell. Myths and Neapolitan legends are also located in the Underground Museum, the evocative anti-aircraft shelter accessible from Piazza Cavour, in the city center.
It’s not so easy to resist the curiosity of going down to 40 meters deep to enter the belly of Napoli Sotterranea, an excellent civil engineering work that houses the remains of the Greek-Roman theater and the aqueduct that creates a labyrinth of tunnels and cisterns dug into the tuff
A masterpiece of Civil engineering to visit is the famous Borbonic Tunnel, built to allow the rapid movement of King’s troops, a gigantic but underground place, then used as a refuge for about 10,000 people during World War II bombings and, as a testimony the numerous cars and vintage bikes, find new use as a judiciary storage until the ’70s. This is the story of Naples, a ductile city, always ready to invent and reinvent itself to discover a new life.

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