Three pearls and a half

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Small, beautiful. Known all over the world. Our pearls of the Gulf. Let yourself be enchanted by colors, flavors, sounds and panoramas. Relax at the spas in Ischia or in the little square in Capri, or blind yourself by the colors of little Procida. Welcome to the Gulf of Naples.

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Descrizione del percorso Three pearls and a half.

Naples and the sea: an indissoluble pair. And yet, just beyond the expanse of water, colored by an intense and inviting blue, three precious pearls, in fact, three and a little hide. Our invitation is to reach the port, just opposite the Maschio Angioino and venture to discover the islands of the Gulf of Naples, each one different from the others, unique and unforgettable. The island of Capri doesn’t need any introduction. Known all over the world for its faraglioni, the blue cave – la Grotta Azzurra, its little square – la piazzetta, that the jet set of the Fifties has made famous, of a celebrity that knows no time, because, walking through the sunny streets and hiding unexpected views, the Time, Gentlemen, it fades. Ischia, on the other hand, is the elder sister, the island kissed by the sun and by the thermal water which, thanks to its beneficial qualities, regenerates body and mind. Ischia has been renamed “green island”, rich as it is of lush Mediterranean flora, to be admired in precious gardens located a few steps from inviting beaches with crystal clear sea. And about history? You can not miss visiting the Aragonese Castle, a castle that watches over the sea, pure emotion. The little one of the Gulf of Naples is the island of Procida, the most authentic and colorful. It fascinates for its escape from the eyes of the world, hiding its treasures: an ex-Bourbon prison that, before, was a Renaissance palace and royal residence, an ancient Abbey overlooking the sea, narrow streets that open into squares filled with sun, and a postcard that doesn’t need any filter: Marina Corricella, the enchanting fishermen village. There is still a half-pearl, which, in reality, has the shape of a half moon, thanks to what can be seen of a submerged volcanic crater. His name is Vivara. Today it is completely uninhabited, it hosts a nature reserve and boasts a real past, having been chosen by Carlo and Ferdinando di Borbone as a hunting lodge. Of course, not a random choice. And so, after visiting Capri, Ischia, Procida and Vivara you will return home with a beautiful necklace, not pearls, but emotions. After all, what is more precious?

Cosa comprende e non comprende il percorso
Che cosa è incluso in questo percorso?Articoli che sono inclusi nel prezzo del percorso.
  • Exclusive and private guided tour, (1 to 12 people);
  •  Professional travel guide in Italian or in English, Spanish, French, German;
  • Private pickup service is included in the basic package for those who complete the entire day’s journey;
  • Information service h24 starting from the booking confirmation;
  •  Support service throughout the journey;
  •  Accessible routes throughout the tour and for all sites, excluding some that will be reported at the time of booking.
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  • All kind of foods and drinks;
  • Tickets for selected sites or museums (1 site for “half day tour” and 2 sites for “Full Day tour”;
  • Pick-up service for the half day tour
  • Everything not expressly stated in the entry “the price tour includes”.